Finally some rain

20151220 RainSucculent

We got an hour or so of rain on Saturday. Fortunately it held off until after we finished our candy making. I went out to take some trash out and thought it smelled like rain, so I brought in the cushions from the Spouse’s chair along with his magazines. It started raining a few minutes later. After a while I checked on line to see how long it was going to last, the site said that the rain would stop around 7:00 pm. At 7:02 it stopped as though someone had turned it off. When I looked at the weather map I could see why. The rain had passed through in a single narrow band across the landscape. It seemed strange that it was so isolated and still gave us a good couple of hours of rain.

We have another storm moving through today. It started around 9:00 pm last night and it has been raining off and on since. It’s been a good rain. Gentle. Give some of the ground cover a chance to fill in before the big storms move in.

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