The leaves were glorious in the afternoon sun this weekend. And it was 80 degrees. The Spouse didn’t care for it, but I thought it was wonderful. I’m not looking forward so much to the continuous rain of leaves and seeds that is going to be falling into my little pocket of yard for the next two months. Here’s hoping for wind out of the west to blow them into someone else’s yard.

Spent most of the afternoon outside, although you can’t tell by looking at the yard. Things are improving, little by little. My plan this year is to plant stuff I like the looks of and is appropriate for the environment and keep planting until something sticks.

Our yard, or patio really, since it’s 80 percent cement, is a ridiculous place to try to have a garden. The way our house is situated, we get full sun in the summer and full shade in the winter. The planters are less than two feet wide and up against the house. I’ve been trying to amend the soil in them since we moved in, but six inches down you run into heavy clay. Let’s say it’s challenging.

When we first moved in I just planted whatever I liked, with no thought at all to sunlight requirements or size. These days I at least try to get things that aren’t going to grow into monstrous bushes and that can tolerate some shade.

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