The Magic is Already Here

I have a friend who wants believe in magic. She believes in angels and fairies and higher powers. She wants to believe that somewhere there is a magic pill-drink-bee pollen-kale kind of something that will cure cancer and cause her to finally lose weight. She very determinedly wants to believe in the invisible, unknowable and immeasurable.

I didn’t think about it very much until one afternoon when we had more hummingbirds than usual because I had just refilled the feeders. And I said “Who needs fairies? Hummingbirds are magical enough for me!” My friend gave the look of death. I forgot she had a fairy tattooed on her shoulder.

I didn’t feel too bad though. Fairies are superfluous in a garden that has hummingbirds. And butterflies, don’t let me forget the butterflies, those flying flowers.

I don’t know why anyone looks for more magic than they find in their own yards.

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