Almost Fell for It

I have a business license for selling in my Etsy shop with all the attendant paperwork that goes with it. So when I got a letter telling me that I needed to file my fictitious business name again I didn’t really question it.

This weekend, when I was paying the rest of my bills I decided I go ahead and pay that one, too. I went ahead and filed it out, business information, credit card information, etc. And then sealed it up and got ready to send it. I noticed that the address I was sending it to was Sacramento. Now that’s not too unusual, there are lots of government offices in Sacramento. But I didn’t remember having any dealings with Sacramento when I set up my business. And I sure didn’t remember the fee being $125.00. So I decided I’d look and make sure where you’re supposed to send your paperwork for Orange County. I found out that you send it to Santa Ana, not Sacramento. I also found out that my fictitious business name was not expired. There was a scanned copy of it. And the fee was $23.00, not $125.00

And I almost fell for it. Sent all my business and credit card information to someone running a scam. They’re doing phishing scams through the regular mail now.

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