To done list?

I’ve always made lists. Lately I’ve been making them on my phone with check boxes and everything. It’s very satisfying to check items off the list.

Yesterday, in celebration of feeling like a normal person, I did a bunch of yard work. Not many of the items on the list got done, but I’m happy with what did. I cleared out dead plants up front, weeded and raked. I pruned down all three salvias. They were all thin and leggy, but all had new growth starting at the bottom, so I figured now was the time to give them a haircut and hope for a little fuller growth.

I also pulled out a plant that mysteriously died. Then I solved the mystery of why it died. I just couldn’t figure it out. It had been doing really well for the past couple of years and all of a sudden it’s dead. I thought about it for a few minutes and then figured it out. The Spouse had turned down one of the sprinklers in the planter above where the plant died. I knew that it was the water source for the plants below it, but he didn’t.

Then I went around and put flower seeds and fertilizer in all of the multi-use pots and added a layer of compost. Then I prayed for rain. Planting seeds at this time of year may seem weird, but I’m doing what my garden tells me to do. I noticed a few years after we moved in that the volunteer tomatoes sprouted after the weather turned cool and we got some rain. I’d heard that there was a chance of rain for last night so I hurried to get the seeds spread and covered with compost. And it did rain during the night. Not a lot, but enough to give the seeds a start.

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