Otoliths or Rocks in My Head

So I have rocks in my head. So do you for that matter, but at least one of mine has misplaced itself. It started on Thursday when I started feeling a little dizzy (no smart remarks) and nauseous. It was kind of better on Friday morning, then really bad on Friday night and through the weekend. I had just started a new medication and was sure that was it. But I stopped taking it and the dizziness didn’t go away; it actually got worse.

Then I remembered reading about otoliths in this blog. And how there are exercises that you can do to cure the vertigo. I tried them without success and then went on to scare myself to death by reading all the other things it could be caused by.

By chance I had a doctor’s appointment today, so when I went to see him I told him about the vertigo, he had me tip my head forward and back, tip it side to side, then rotate it right to left. The only place I got dizzy was in rotating right to left. Most probably an otolith in one the lateral canals.  So I got a prescription for Antivert and may try rolling around trying to get it back where it belongs, but otherwise, nothing dreadful.

And I found out that my lupus is not significantly more active. And the doc liked the jewelry I made for him. He’d asked for five bracelets and five pendants. I made closer to ten pendants, using all of the nice coins I had for the country he wanted. He bought them all. So all in all, a good day.

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