The Endless To-Do List

I have been trying to get tasks done. I’ve actually been able to mark a few things off. I finally re-potted the reed orchids. They’ve been on the list for months. I’m trying to get some yard work done every day.

I re-potted a bunch of my succulents in ridiculously oversized pots. But I had two plants that were the same size when I bought them, put one in a large pot and the other in a small one. The one in the large pot is easily five times the size of the one in the small pot. So I’m hoping the small succulents in the big pots will fill in as quickly as the other one did.

We must have had a monarch come through. I had a bunch seedlings of butterfly weed coming up in several places around the yard. Almost every one of them has been totally stripped of leaves. I found a small monarch caterpillar on the wall out front when I was raking leaves, so I took it and put it on one of the few plants that still had leaves. That’s the price I willingly pay to have butterflies in the yard – ugly plants with holes in the leaves.

I’ve decided to put a variety of succulents down at the base of the pillar on patio. We have the hops in there now and I didn’t want to crowd them, but they’re not doing that great and I want something more attractive there. I can take cuts of several kinds of succulents and put them in there and they’ll fill in. That actually might work in a couple of places in the yard. The trick is keeping Spud out of any newly planted areas. Being bigger than he used to be, he’s more adept, using that word loosely, at getting over the brick edging. I’m surprised he doesn’t turn himself over more often than he has. He has to get into everything and always wants to see what you’re doing. In case you drop something delicious, of course. Which happens with enough regularity to reinforce the behavior.

I’ve started a bunch of wildflowers in pots on a table next to my chair. I figure that way I won’t forget to water them. Give them a strong start and then put them all around the yard and start a new batch.

And getting any or all of this stuff done doesn’t even touch the housework to-do list. Auuugghh! Deep breath. Pick one thing and get it done. You never have everything all done at once.

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