Amazon Handmade

Saw on the news this morning that Amazon is opening a new handmade section. I applied to be a seller within fifteen minutes of finding out.

I have been selling at Etsy for a few years and my business had been growing steadily. Emphasis on the past tense there. Then they decided that hand made also meant manufactured goods. They chose to make money for themselves in the stock market rather than for all the crafts workers and artists who had made their site successful. I felt personally betrayed. Since they made that change my sales have dropped dramatically. It’s way too easy to get lost in the thousands of shops that sell mass produced products.

I hope like heck I get accepted as a seller. I’ve been very unhappy with the changes that Etsy has made, but there haven’t been any real alternatives out there. I’ve tried a couple of different sites and had no sales at all over a period of months. Amazon Handmade could be real competition for Etsy.

Thus far, I think Etsy’s biggest enemy is Etsy. I’m not interested in working to benefit Etsy’s stockholders, especially when it’s to my detriment.

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