Had a power outage about a week ago. It lasted over 15 hours and affected about 82 houses in our complex. It was hot and humid and really affected our desire to do anything. We’d been up late the night before and weren’t all that energetic in the first place. As the temperature in the house rose, our activity level dropped.

There were power trucks all over the complex. When we went on the the power company website they initially said that power would be on by 5 pm, then 8 pm, then midnight. It finally did come on at around 8:30 pm, but it was weird. It kept flickering. We also have UPS’ (Uninterruptable Power Sources) for the computers and they kept clicking on an off.

The next morning when I went to work I check out the block where most of the work was being done and saw a couple of large generators parked at the end of the block. That was why the flickering,etc. We were running on generator power. I didn’t know they had that capability. They probably started that for people who need some sort of medical equipment. It just surprised me that they could do if for that many houses, although it might not have been the whole 82 houses.

Then on Wednesday the power went out again. By that time there were no more trucks working in the area and I was afraid that some other piece of equipment had failed, but in less than a half hour the lights were on again. We think that they were just switching back to grid power from generators and it took a little bit for them to get that done. Fortunately for us, dinner had already been cooked so we just went outside and had dinner by battery powered lamp light.

Now I’m all curious as to what broke. All of our utilities are underground, so it’s no wonder that it would take a little time to find the location of the equipment failure and fix it, but I’d really like to know what happened and how they fixed. Add that to the list of things I’ll probably never know.

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