To pot or not to pot

I have gotten a lot of new plants over the past few months. I feel like I’m making up for the years since House of Cactus closed. I finally have someplace to satisfy my addiction to succulents. I’ve also started to accumulate some more interesting pots. I’m dying to bring the two together, there’s something so satisfying about putting the right plant in the right pot.

Unfortunately, now is just about the worst time of year for re-potting things. It’s just not a good idea to disturb plant roots during the hottest time of the year. And it’s been pretty hot this summer. So I’m waiting, with my new acquisitions sitting around in their plastic pots, for cooler weather to arrive so I can safely put my treasures into homes that complement them. My only source of satisfaction is trying different plants out in different pots to see where they look best. Nice thing about that is I can change my mind without too much trouble.

I’m still anxious to get them settled into their new homes. After that we’ll discuss appropriate sand/gravel mulch, fertilizer and growth rates.

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