LA Arboretum Cactus and Succulent Show and Sale

As a post on A Growing Obsession’s blog for the show at the LA Arboretum. Decided at the last minute to go. I’ve only been to a couple of local shows, and they have lots of impressive plants at those, but the ones at this show were just amazing.


I brought my camera and took lots of pictures but didn’t even think to photograph the tags so I’d know what the plants were afterwards.


Seeing all the plants in the show did give me some direction in shopping. While I’ll probably never have any as impressive as they were, I can certainly pick out plants that I like and look for smaller, less expensive specimens on the sales tables.


I didn’t tour much of the Arboretum, but I was amused to find that they have the same problems with their birds as I had with my chickens. I saw several plants that had little chicken wire fences around them. I also saw a succulent that was nibbled anyplace it was over the edge of its pot. The same plant that my both chickens and my tortoise think is delicious. However, the Arboretum’s chickens are far more decorative than mine.


Not to mention louder. Peacock calls are very distinctive.

I’m a little ashamed of myself; I got a little disgruntled when I was waiting in line to pay for my plants and a woman walked by and commented on how interesting one of them was and went pawing through the box to find the tag. I felt a little possessive. Mine now! Don’t be touching my plants.

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