Raised bed assembly

The Spouse and I assembled a raised bed this weekend. It has been sitting around for months, with the box getting more and more dilapidated. Now, with the chickens gone, gardening is a much more satisfying occupation. We screwed it together, put it in the planter and filled it up. It just fits the planter and gives me some decent soil to plant in. It’s in a semi-shaded spot, so I’m going to put herbs in it. I had some old seed, basil, parsley and cilantro, so I went ahead and planted it. It’s totally not the right time of year, but I thought I’d give it a try any way. If I can keep the soil moist long enough for the seeds to develop root systems, I might actually get some herbs. In my very sheltered Southern California garden anything is possible. I’ve had tomatoes growing on the roof from an indeterminate vine in December.

I’m going to use some of my collected seed and plant flowers to the back of the bed and see what happens there. I need to start marking when my seeds were collected. I have no idea when I collected most of the ones I have. Most of my blooming annuals have bloomed and gone. I’ll try for another round.

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