Weekend Fun

Went to the Orange County Cactus and Succulent Society show and sale on Saturday. That was a lot of fun. Went a little over what I’d budgeted because they actually had pots this time, some of which were really lovely. So I had to get some of those. I haven’t been able to find many pots that I like lately so I glommed on to the ones that I found. I really like caudiciform plants, plants that develop large trunks and roots, but they tend to be really expensive. So I cruised around the show looking for interesting plants and then trying to find beginner versions that I can afford and try to grow up into something interesting. This is my second show so far and there’s always new and interesting plants.

There was one guy that actually discouraged me from buying a plant. He said that it rotted easily. And I have had trouble with that in the past, so I didn’t buy it. That’s a pretty good example what a lot of these people are like. They’d rather make sure a plant was homed properly than make a sale. Crazy, but my kind of crazy.

So now I’m trying to decide which plant to put in which pot. I set the plants in the pots I think might go together and look at them for a while to decide whether or not I like the combination. I wish I’d thought to get the business card of the person who made most of the pots I bought. I really would like some more of them. I want all of my plants to have good homes.

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