No more chickens

After more than a year our homeowners association finally caught on to the fact that we have chickens and made us get rid of them. Fortunately, that process was about as painless as it could be. I put an ad on Craig’s list and found a home for them the next day. In talking to the people in advance and since they took them, I think they found a good home. Some of the responses I got were more “I’m looking for a chicken dinner” than “I’m looking to keep hens for eggs.”

I’m very torn. Half of me misses them a lot. They were silly and great fun to watch. It was interesting to observe their social nature. The other half of me is doing a little happy dance. I can take the netting off of my garden, so that I will actually be able to garden and I will be able to plant whatever I want where ever I want. All the great plants that I just resigned myself to losing or hid behind netting can come back again. My greenery loving self is very happy to be able to indulge in its addiction.

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