Santa Barbara Botanical Garden

Went to the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens when we went to Santa Barbara for a concert a few weeks ago. It was gorgeous. It’s all native plants and tucked up way back in the hills.

20150518_aa Meadow Path

I really liked the meadow garden. I’ve never successfully grown lupines.

20150518_ab Meadow Flowers

20150518_af Erigeron glaucus

These always look like a bush covered with crumpled handkerchiefs.

20150518_ag Matilija Poppy

We picked the perfect time to go. We had been going to go on Sunday, before the concert, but we really didn’t have time so we went on Monday before we went home. It was early in the day and there very few other people there.

20150518_an Creekbed

We ran into some residents.

20150518_ad Turtles

They had a redwood grove, planted when the park was new.

20150518_ad Turtles

Pretty, but don’t touch.

20150518_ad Turtles

I really enjoyed it and it was the perfect time of year to go. It seemed like everything was in bloom.

20150518_ao Pink and Purple

And of course I came home with a few new plants. Only three this time.

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