Odd weekend

It was definitely a bit of an odd weekend. Saturday evening we discovered that one of our cats was missing. We have an enclosed patio and take them out with us when we go out. Of course, by the time we discovered she was missing, she’d probably been gone for hours. We spent the evening calling and searching. Finally we gave up looking and went in, leaving the gates braced open enough for her to get in if she found her way back. I spent much of the night sitting up listening for her. In the morning she was at the front door, to our profound relief.

I wanted to dye eggs for Easter, but the eggs from our hens are brown and I wasn’t sure how they would turn out. I needn’t have worried. While they don’t turn out the pastel colors of Easter, the colors I got with plain food coloring were pretty nice.


We had a nice Easter with the family, in a slightly exhausted manner.

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