Painting the kitchen

I’m in the middle of painting the kitchen. What we really need is a remodeled kitchen. The cabinets are original equipment, circa 1975 and it’s just time. However, between vagaries of economy and employment, we don’t feel confident in spending the kind of money it would take to redo the kitchen entirely. So instead, paint, polish and few other cosmetic things to make me not want to burn the whole thing down. I hate our cabinets. First, they’re white (shh, I don’t have to tell you that I painted them white forever ago), second, the interiors are made of particle board. I can’t tell you how much I hate particle board. I loathe particle board. We had a leak under the sink and the particle board which formed the bottom of the cabinet dissolved. This is not the first place where the application of water made furniture turn to sawdust. I will make my own furniture with sticks and pipes instead of buying particle board furniture.

So anyway, particle board rant aside, I’m painting. My spouse didn’t think it was worth the effort, but I did and told him I would do it, and for the most part (things I can’t reach or are too heavy) I am. I’m tackling it in bits, a couple of hours every day after work. Unfortunately, this has left a lot of mess for over a week, but I’m getting to the point where I can put most of the stuff back. It’s still going to be a couple of days, though. Everything takes longer than you think it will. I need to wash the vertical blinds and I’m not sure how to get it done in a way that won’t leave them worse than they were before. Each job seems to expand into three more things you have to do before you can finish.

It doesn’t help that we actually use our kitchen. The Spouse makes beer, we both cook and very seldom eat out. Between us and the livestock, our floors don’t stand much of a chance. If I had known how much use that floor would get I would have gone down to bare concrete instead of using wood. But I’m making progress. A couple of hours worth a day. The bits I’ve worked on are starting to look better. I’m hoping it’ll look OK in the end.

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