Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!

Who knew I could get so excited about eggs.  We have two, count ’em, two, chickens laying eggs now.  I’m endlessly amused by the size of them. They’re less than half the size of the eggs we get at the store.  The picture below doesn’t do them justice. It did seem like there would be very many at first, but as things go along, they’re starting to add up.  Only one chicken was laying for the first week.  Now we have another one laying.  When all five are producing, we’re going to have a lot of eggs.


I’m planning on making deviled eggs and taking them to Christmas dinner.  I think it will be pretty funny, all these tiny little eggs.  It will probably be the only chance I get to share them with my family.  It’ll be fun.

The girls are getting much more friendly. Guess they’ve gotten used to us as a source of food instead of the people that chase them.  Yesterday I was sitting outside reading and eating some chips and the whole flock was trying to sit on my lap and get some chips for themselves.  It’s both encouraging and annoying. I like that they’re comfortable with us, but it was a little difficult to keep them out of the potato chips.

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