Rain, glorious rain!

It has been so long since there was any substantial rain here that I almost forgot what it was like. It mizzled (misted-drizzled) most of the day yesterday but in the afternoon started to rain in earnest. The Wonderful Spouse and I had filled the new raised bed with soil mix on Friday in hopes of rain sometime this week. When I woke up on Sunday morning there were dark clouds on the horizon. I hauled myself out of bed earlier than I otherwise might have to go plant seeds.

I noticed years ago that seeds (usually tomato volunteers from last year’s crop) started sprouting in December, when the rain is falling. Water is the limiting factor where we are, not temperature. I figured the seeds know better than I do and started planting whenever the rains began. Or spring, which ever came soonest. I haven’t been disappointed yet. The plants have more time to get root systems established that let them last through the long dry season.

The new raised be is the tomato bed. I put several different varieties in there. I had partial packs of seeds from earlier seasons and a couple of new ones. We’ll see which ones are successful. Tomatoes there, tomatillos in the big pot out from. I hope some of them do well. If they get enough rain to give them a good start, maybe some of them will.

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