It’s all about the light

I think I may have found a new place to photograph my pieces. The one place that has worked best for me only works for a couple of hours around 11:00 am. Not a very convenient time for me. I can only work one day a week and if it’s cloudy I’m out of luck. Every place else I’ve tried is uncomfortable or makes a difficult spot to shoot. It’s amazing how physical crouching down and photographing small objects in low light can be. I’m both surprised at the location and surprised I didn’t come up with it before now. It’s our bedroom. We get lots of direct light first thing in the morning and there’s a big window on the east-facing side of the room. I can open the blinds wide to get as much light as possible and then set up my photography area just out of the direct light. Lots of nice reflected light.

In the bedroom I can photograph first thing in the morning before I go to work. I can do it almost any day it’s sunny. Having more days when I can photograph will certainly help. I photographed about ten items this morning. I’ll have to see how they come out this afternoon. If they look OK, I have a new spot.

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