Day 73

150.2. A new low! Hurrah! Even though I know I’ll gain some of it back with my first drink of water. First thing in the morning is when I’m lowest on food, fluids and everything else. Still, a new low! Skipping the alcohol really helps. I also pushed breakfast back a half hour and ended a half hour early. Gotta keep in mind that I still need to eat reasonably. I do find when I’m really only eating one meal a day I am very motivated to make it something I enjoy eating.

My clothes really feel baggy now. They were never tight, that’s something I hate, but now the pants are starting to hang a little low. A couple more pounds and it will be time to break out the safety pins. At 145 I think I’ll start going to thrift stores and seeing what I can find. It’ll have to be the Good Will. They have dressing rooms and I don’t know what size that will be.

I’m really hoping to break below 150 next week. That will be something of a challenge as it’s Thanksgiving next week.

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