My spidey-sense was tingling

Things have been a little off lately, what with Mom having been in the hospital for a week or so. Last night, just as I thought things were settling back to normal I got a call from Mom. She wanted to know if I was coming over on Sunday, my usual visiting day. I said yes and she said she would be glad to see me. She mentioned that her caretaker would probably be there, which he isn’t usually. He generally gets the weekend off. Meaning that he leaves the house and goes elsewhere during the day and returns at night.

Something just seemed off about the call, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. She sounded kind of furtive, like she might have been calling while he was out of the room, and she got off the phone abruptly. I finally figured that he might acting differently since the doctor caught him making changes to her medications. He’s a passive-aggressive kind of guy and more than a little crazy so I can see that happening. I’m 99% sure he’s gay, but his culture doesn’t allow it. He bounces back and forth between wanting to be a priest and wanting to be a nurse.

Anyway, the idea that he might be being overly officious with Mom bugged me all night. So I called this morning and while I’m not sure what’s going on, something is. She didn’t want to talk about it on the phone. I told her that if he was being too bossy that she should tell him that was my job.

I’m hoping that whatever is going on now is a temporary phase and will straighten itself out over time. She’s had a good relationship with this guy for the past three years. He’s attentive and takes good care of her, outside of thinking that he’s qualified to adjust her medications. I doubt we’d ever find someone she got along with as well. But however it works out, I’m on her side.

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