Day 69

Haven’t weighed myself much lately. The last couple of weeks I kind of stalled out. The week before last I just ate too much and last week was the stress marathon of having Mom in the hospital.

All’s well that ends well I guess. Mom is home out of the hospital, something I wasn’t expecting. When she first complained of abdominal pain all I could think was “cancer, cancer, obstructed bowel, cancer.’ I was truly afraid that we would lose her in very short order.

But now I’m back on track. Actually did pretty good over the weekend. Cut an hour out of eating time because things had started going up again and that seems to have worked. Scale said 152 with two shirts and a sweater on. Didn’t weigh myself this morning.

I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon with the nephrologist. I’m rather apprehensive about it. I’d like to ask for copies of my last three rounds of tests. I’ve been making changes in my diet and I’d like to know if they make any difference. How can I tell without some kind of feedback. I think I know most of what she’s going to say, I’m hoping for no nasty surprises. It does not comfort me that my rheumatologist ran the test, but my nephrologist is the one that called me.

Back to the program, I’m starting to feel a bit smaller. And why is always my chest that goes first. I noticed that in the mirror this morning. But I also noticed that my middle seems to be a bit smaller. And last night going up and down the stairs (once) with the laundry it seemed to take a lot less effort than it has in the past. I know it’s not because of exercise, my exercise routine has been nonexistent. But I’ll take each little sign of progress and hang on to it. I can use all the positive reinforcement I can get.

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