BS Detector

It is probably a good thing that most people have their kids in their twenties. When you’re in your twenties you still buy some of the bullshit that people try to sell you. “Maybe he really does have stay late at work for the third time this week because he’s working.” (That wasn’t informed by personal experience at all.)

When you’re a little older you can call BS when you see BS ninety percent of the time. Kids would get away with absolutely nothing if parents were a little older and trusted their instincts a little more.
This weekend there were a lot of kids outside playing in the neighborhood. There was shouting coming from every direction. All at once the normal kid noise was interrupted by the sound of a little girl crying. Loudly. I listened for a couple of minutes, I generally don’t get involved with the neighbors’ kids, but if one falls down and hurts themselves in front of my house I’ll run and fetch their mom. It was not the cry of an injured child. It was the outraged cry of a child not getting things the way they want. You can totally tell one from the other.

It’s probably a good thing that I don’t have kids. I’d probably just laugh if my kid tried that. I’m not the most sympathetic person.

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