Day 59

Weight’s up again. High enough that I don’t want to post it. The last couple of weeks have been disappointing. Grit teeth. Don’t give up, don’t give up.

I’m having a hard time giving up soda. But I do have to say that in the whole day and a half since I’ve given up soda I haven’t had any visual migraines. I’ve asked the Spouse to pick up some Crystal Light for me. I checked the ingredients, no phosphorus. There’s a special place in the land of pain in the butt for people who have kidneys that can’t keep their blood chemistry normal. I’ll do my best to stop with the soda, alcohol, meat, shellfish, fat until I go back to see my nephrologist next month.

I’ve done some more research and found the hypoparathyroidism is in the category of orphan conditions. Conditions that have so few sufferers that no one wants to make treatments for it because there’s no money in it. I’m currently taking the only readily available drug. If that doesn’t work the only other treatment is dialysis. I already know how much fun that is. So despite the fact that I really don’t want to give up soda, et al, I will.

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