Day 57

151.8. Ugh. Might as well just put it up there. Right up front. For the last week and a half progress has been retrograde. However, I was good yesterday. Stayed on plan and then some. And I have been rewarded with half a pound down on the scale. That may or may not equal to half a pound down, but at least it looks better.

I’m kind of thinking that the reason my legs seem to have lost the most weight is because I use them the most. Now this goes against all of the stuff they say about losing weight, but as “they” are usually wrong anyway, I’m going to go with my theory. Your muscles use the resource closest to them when they need it. In this case, leg fat. “They” always say that you can’t lose fat around your middle by exercising your middle. I’d like to challenge that theory. “They” haven’t been anywhere near me when it’s a choice between the peanuts in front of me and the chips in the kitchen. Peanuts on hand almost always win. Why wouldn’t muscles work the same way?

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