I totally didn’t think I’d be right about that

A couple of weeks ago, when we found dead finches in the yard two days in a row I told a friend we were having a bird plague. She thought I meant we were being plagued by birds and I had to explain that no, the birds have a plague. I really didn’t think I was going to be right. I really, really didn’t want to be right.

Reading Cornell webpage was very enlightening. And I saw some hints that the CDC was looking at this as an opportunity to study the way disease spreads. But they ran out of money for the study and stopped. That seems like such a wasted opportunity to me. We have so little real information on the way diseases spread. I’d think any opportunity to add to that knowledge base would be important. I know the data wouldn’t be perfect; data is never perfect and never free of bias but every little bit of information we get fills in a little bit of the big picture. Imperfection just seems like an excuse to do nothing.

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