Working away


Life with chickens continues to be a work in progress. We keep trying to refine care so that it goes as smoothly as possible. They are fun to watch though. It's a whole set of animal behaviors that I've never seen up close before. I still think three would have been a much more manageable number, enough to get a reasonable number of eggs, but not so many that it's crowded.


We’ve had a lot of monarchs this year. I’ve been doing my best to encourage them. I pretty much let the milkweed come up where ever it wants; it shows up everywhere. There’s one plant near my chair that’s been chewed to twigs three times. I cut it back, and it sends up new growth in a matter of days and the whole thing starts over again. I think having flying flowers in my yard is worth a few unsightly plants.


A few months ago I had three types of hummingbirds in the yard. A male Anna’s hummingbird laid claim to it and chased most intruders off. Now the only ones I see are rufous hummingbirds. They’re even more territorial than the others. I think they may have a nest in the macadamia nut tree. I’ve been trying to get a picture, but haven’t been successful at all. I can barely get the camera up before they buzz away. I’ll keep trying.

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