Continued Changes

I’m continuing to move pots into the planters. I have to admit, having a bit more room is nice. Although it’s kind of getting taken up by chicken paraphernalia. The Wonderful Spouse and I have pretty much come to the conclusion that we’re crazy for keeping chickens. They do require quite a bit of maintenance and just getting them set up so that things run as smoothly as possible is a challenge.

We’ve got the cleaning bit set up pretty well. It only takes a couple of minutes to pull the paper through and sweep up. I figure the key to keeping chickens in a suburban landscape is making sure that they hear them as little as possible and smell them not at all. That makes life more pleasant for us as well.

I do enjoy watching them though. Evenings on our patio are quite lively between the cats, the chickens and the tortoise. Not to mention wild visitors.

I pulled a big geranium out of the front yard. Not that I expect that to be the end of the story. I pulled it out once before. It grew back and then some. I just have to be diligent about pulling up sprouts. Gardening. It’s never done.

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