Moving things around

Been moving the pots in the yard around. I’ve wanted to have more pots planters. It’s hard for plants to thrive in our planters. They’re less than two feet wide and the soil in our area is clay. Pots let me have better soil, more controlled watering and the ability to keep the plants out of the mouths of tortoises and chickens. It does cause other problems. The planters are in the shade for most of the year, so it makes growing more vegetables difficult. And that is really what I’d like to do. I want it all! Vegetables and flowers. Food for us and food for wildlife.

The chickens had a field day when I moved the pots. There were all kinds of crickets under them and they scattered, with the chickens giving chase, every time I moved a pot. It’s worth moving the pot just to watch them hunt. While I doubt we will never have none, I can tell that the cricket population levels are going to take a nose dive. I’m going to start moving the pots just to watch the fun.

We tried painting the foot of the chicks with latex paint so that we could tell them apart better. Most of them had the paint off by the first day. There is some difference of color between them, but most of the time they’re moving so fast I just can’t tell them apart.

I finished my first two cloisonne pieces and am pretty happy with them. I can see doing a lot more of theis in the future, but don’t have that many ideas lined up yet. Got to have input to have outgo, and things have mostly been outgo lately. Days seem to spin by faster and faster between work, my jewelry, pets, eating, sleeping, gardening, etc. There’s barely enough time in the day. I don’t know how people with children manage.

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