Rain in July!

Not much, just a sprinkling last night. But enough to get the ground wet. And there were lightning strikes at the beach yesterday. Several people struck and one actually died. That very seldom happens in Southern California. No way you can tell me that our climate isn’t changing. I’ve lived here long enough to know that it is.

Been putting the chicks in the atrium most days. They love it. But they are making a mess of it. They scratch everything up and chicken poop is fast becoming an issue. I think today I’ll let them out on the patio for a bit today. Let them make a mess there for a while. Give the atrium a chance to recover a little bit. I really don’t want to let them out unsupervised. We do have raptors in the area and there are a couple of outdoor cats in the neighborhood.

Worked on some new silver pieces this weekend. Finally figured out what my problem was. Old silver clay. I’m guessing that the binder in some of the older bits has disintegrated. Pieces made out of it have a rougher texture and don’t hold the detail I need for my molded pieces. It’s still usable for other things, but not those. So I opened some new packs of clay this weekend and most of my problems disappeared. I’ve been trying to do resin cloisonné, but the dyes dilute the resin too much and it runs. It’s also hard to control in quantities as small as I’m using. I’m looking into powdered resin dye and a two part resin instead of the uv cure. Going to take a while to get all the materials around. I hate having unfinished pieces laying around. I feel like the ideas are trapped in my head and unable to get out. I know what I’m trying to do, I just haven’t been able to get there yet. Oh well, I’m nothing if not persistent.

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