Strenuous Dreams or Do you wake up tired too?

We’ve been re-watching “The Walking Dead.” The makes would be proud to know that the shows are just as nightmare-inducing the second time around as they were the first time. I’ve had zombie dreams for the last three nights in a row. Does it ever happen to you that you’ve had a night full of dreams where you’re running and chasing and hiding and you wake up feeling like you’ve actually done all those things? That sure has been the case for me the last few nights.

On an entirely different subject, the chicks are fast becoming chickens. We moved them out to the coop last weekend, so they’re outside birds now. They have a tiny bit of chick fuzz on the back of their necks, but are otherwise pinfeathers and dinosaur feet. I’m hoping they don’t grow into their feet. They’re a little bit larger than a dove currently, but have feet the size of velociraptor.

The Wonderful Spouse’s hops are doing pretty well this year. We’re definityly going to have a lot more than we had last year. We might have had an ounce. I’m hoping for three or four ounces this year.

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