And more plants

Finished moving everything to the new potting bench and the Wonderful Spouse took apart the old one and it went into the trash. I’ve been thinking about building a new potting bench for a couple of years now and finally got up the ambition to go get the most important part, plastic decking material. I’ve gone through a couple of benches now and have gotten tired of them rotting away. The synthetic decking seemed like a good alternative. So I drew up a plan using the deck material and copper pipe and the Spouse made it happen. I had one engineering flaw; all the joints faced in the same direction and the whole bench would lean to one side. The spouse fixed that issue by putting in a center support on the bottom shelf and putting screws through the joints so they won’t turn.

It has an additional benefit besides being rot-proof. We put it agains the back wall of the patio which gets lots of afternoon sun and Ash likes to sit on it, soaking up the last bit of sunshine.

I’ve got three hummingbird feeders in the backyard and we have three different kinds of hummingbirds that visit, Anna’s , Ruby Throated and Rufous hummingbirds. I was inspired by a house I pass on the way to work. It has a couple of feeders and the hummingbirds are there all the time. I often see more than one bird at a feeder at a time. The ones in my yard won’t tolerate other birds. Territorial battles are constant. They frequently startle me by chasing each other right past my head when I’m working in the garden.

We had a plumbing problem recently. We called for a plumber to fix a leaky valve and he managed to break the main water line to the house. They had to dig up a good portion of the front yard to fix it. Now I’m left with a long bare swath out there. I’d be mad, but it created the opportunity to get new plants! The bees loved the lavender, but it was taking over the whole planting bed, so I’m not to upset that I lost some of it. I have a couple of plants coming up from seed, I’m going to move one into that area and be a lot more aggressive with the pruning this time. I bought a bunch of things to put in the area this weekend. A few annuals for instant color, but mostly perenials. I tend to overplant. I see it as a battle for space and may the best plant win. I keep trying new plants until something does well. This time around I’ve planted penstemmon and salvias for the hummingbirds and marguerite daisies for the bees. So far almost everything has survived the planing.

I need to get my newest plants in the ground. It’s supposed to rain this week and that’s the best time of all to plant things.

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