I’m a thermometer

I swear you can tell the outdoor temperature by where I am.  If I’m outdoors, it’s above 70 F.  Apparently that holds true for a large section of humanity.  I went to the local nursery on my way home from Mom’s on Sunday and it was packed.  I guess I’m not the only one affected by warm weather and the proximity of Spring.

I went a little crazy; and got several different types of both annual and perennial flowers for color.  And surprised myself by getting quite a few of them in the ground right away.  Because the area I have to plant in is very small and I’m very lazy, I planted them in bunches.  One tall and two or three short varieties together.  That’s my general garden plan.  Plant stuff you like and some of it will grow and do well.

Was wandering around checking the plants out when I noticed a caterpillar on the butterfly weed.  Butterfly weed is pretty ugly as plants go, they burn easily in the sun, get weird aphids with yellow bodies and black legs and reseed themselves everywhere, but I leave most of the ones that come up because monarch butterflys lay their eggs on them.  The caterpillars stripped one plant of leaves in less than a day.  After they do that I cut the plant back to the ground.  I think have a few ugly plants in the yard is a good exchange for butterflys. 

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