I don’t do cactus

I am a big fan of plants that have low water requirements and I love all of the shapes and colors and sizes that succulents come in, but I don’t do cactus.

I’ve had a couple of experiences with cactus that made me decide that I was just better off leaving plants with spines out of my landscape.

When I was a kid I went with my parents to visit some of their friends. They had a lovely yard, most of which was planted with cactus. I played in the yard while my parents visited their friends and, of course, fell into the cactus. I remember them having to use pliers to get the spines out. Not one of my fondest memories.

Another time I had a small tray of cacti growing on my window sill. It had what was called a ‘cinnamon cactus’ in it. My bed was right under the window and a piece of the cactus fell into my bed. I ended up with almost invisibly tiny spines all over my back.

That was the end of any desire to have cactus as part of my landscape. Ever.

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