Weekend works

Actually got some stuff done this weekend. The last couple of weeks have been kind of rough. I developed allergic reaction to one of my medications and have spent the last couple of weeks wrestling with the resultant problems. Trying to control my blood pressure with one less weapon in the arsenal. Trying to take enough to keep things under control without taking so much that I fall over. A big waste of time. Two weekends in a row with a long list of things to do and none of it gets done. I’m very conscious of time slipping away from me these days. Time is our only truly non-renewable resource and wasting it just pisses me off. I’ve got things to do!

On that irritable note, I felt fine this weekend and actually did things. Went to see Mom on Sunday, and took Chinese food. She always likes that, and she ate quite a bit of it compared to some things we get.

I planted the Wonderful Spouse’s hops. Since I was putting in pots I wanted to make sure I had everything ready to go, with the drip irrigation set up. I didn’t want to get them into the pots and forget to water them one day and lose them. Hops are kind of hard to come by. Since they need to be planted from rhizomes the supply is pretty limited. I guess you can start them from seed, but I tried and I’m just not a good enough gardener for that.

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