Leafcutter Bees



The bracts on my Bougainvillea all look like this.  Not a single leaf is cut.  Do they like the color or are the bracts just easier to cut?  Either way, I wish I could see what they’re doing with them.  The nest would have to be a pretty color.

I haven’t blogged much lately.  I do find that I tend to blog when I spend time outside.  And although I have spent some time outside, 100 plus degree weather does not lend itself to activity of any kind.  And we’ve had a couple of months of that.

Corkscrew Plant_1

The corkscrew plant has started to sprout.  I repotted it this year after it had gone dormant, and, like every year, I wondered if it would sprout again.  And, like every year, I’m surprised and delighted that it survived another year of semi-neglect.

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