A new resolution

I went to the local nursery this weekend to get some fertilizer.  I’m almost out of my favorite brand and have quite a few new plantings in mind this year.  Of course I also bought several plants. 

The Wonderful Spouse removed a fuzzy purple salvia that would get about 5 ft by 5 ft every year.  I guess I wouldn’t have minded the size so much, even though our planters are a whole 2 feet wide, if I didn’t have to prune it back so drastically every year.  Kind of a chore.  But I do have to replace it with something and I’d like to use something that is a hummingbird or butterfly food source.  But they also need to be kind of small; those darn 2 ft wide planters! 

I ordered some things from Annie’s Annuals, one of my favorite catalogs, but after I set them out we had some awfully hot days and I lost several of them.  So I have a new resolution.  No buying of more plants until I have the ones I’ve got planted.  That and I’m waiting for cooler weather.  Fingers crossed.

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