We’ve lost our yard and I’ve lost my mind

We’re having repairs done to the house before out homeowner’s association paints next month. They’ve taken down bits of the roof, the patio cover and the part of the fence that supported our front gate. The City wants to make sure they’re replacing what we had exactly, so we have huge beams stacked on the patio and no front gate. The yard is now pretty much full sun and the neighbors can see in from the surrounding houses and walking by. We have a doorbell outside the gate, so people could let us know they were there, but not walk up to the front door. Now they can and have.

It’s not the private sanctuary it has been for so long and that is just driving me nuts. I don’t really have anyplace to go that’s outside. I wanted more flowers so I planted a lot of annuals this year. And they’re blooming now. Of course. I can’t enjoy them the same way I would when the patio was our living room. I’m getting even more claustrophobic than usual. I so hope this doesn’t take long. It’s supposed to rain late next week, so they kind of have to do something or it will be raining inside. I really, really want our yard back.

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