Home repairs

Our homeowner’s association is painting next month and we’re having some repairs done. I’m finding this something of a trial as home has increasingly been a sanctuary for me. Having people walking on the roof and knocking things down and just in our space in general is unsettling. There is a huge pile of crap on the patio where the patio cover used to be. The cats got out yesterday afternoon and I was sure that they were going to sprint up the pile and hurdle the fence. Given a few unattended moments and I’m sure they would have.

Poor Spud the tortoise has been trapped indoors as well. It’s easier to deal with the cats than it is with him. The cats are at least aware that there are strangers about and things are being done. Spud has been trying to get out of his pen for the last 2 days. Doesn’t help that it’s been bright and warm. Finally I decided that he should probably go out into the atrium. Good choice. He’s found himself a sunny corner and is happily grazing on dichondra. It could use a mowing.

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