Fish Kisses

We have a water pot on our patio. In it are three goldfish of the cheapest kind, one water lily and some other plants.

It seems that three goldfish is the perfect number. We’ve had three for more than a year now. I buy feeder goldfish at the local pet store. Feeder goldfish being the kind of fish people feed to their other pets. I have had more expensive and more showy fish, but racoons got into the yard and ate them, so I decided to spend less money on fish.

I’ve managed to keep the fish alive so far by feeding them, but not too much. I feed them once or twice a week, just a little. One of the side effects of feeding them is that they come to the surface when people are near. And not only people. Ash jumped up onto the rim of the pond to get a drink and got a fish kiss along with her drink of water. I didn’t see this, the Wonderful Spouse described it to me.

Fortunately for both fish and cat, no one was harmed. It was really funny to hear about the fish kissing the cat, though.

Goldfish 201204

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