Kony 2012, last week and this week

I saw the guy that started the Konya 2012 on television last week and thought ‘Something is wrong with that guy.’ I hadn’t heard of him or of the millions of people who got involved in the movement before that.

I went to see my Mom and she mentioned it and I blurted out that I didn’t think he was really legit. My Mom got kind of upset with me. She thought it was a great thing, all these kids getting involved trying to bring this evil man to justice. She told me that the man promoting the movement already had money so he couldn’t just be bilking people. I said I didn’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me if something turned out not quite right with him and dropped the subject.

What I expected was for him to be siphoning money; what happened was that he decided to go walking around town naked. The mean part of me is shouting, “See! See! I told you something was wrong with that guy!”

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