I made a resolution this year to drink less soda. To achieve this goal I told myself that I would not drink soda one day a week. I just can’t justify the expense, to our budget, to my health, to the environment. Soda serves absolutely no purpose at all. It’s not good for, with sugar or without. It’s a waste of water, aluminum and plastic.

I’ve actually been pretty surprised at how easy it has been to keep this resolution. You can do almost anything for a day. I so used to look forward to the first Coke of the day. Now if I’m thirsty I actually think of water first. I want water.

I’m beginning to think that I’m not the only one that’s come this conclusion. I’ve been seeing commercials from beverage companies touting ‘lower calorie’ choices in schools and smaller sizes of current products. And I wonder if a tight economy isn’t pushing us in the direction of smarter choices. It may be one of the good things that come out of not having as much disposable income. I also wonder how much money it will save over the long run.

And while I’m drinking much less soda, every once in a while I give in to temptation. Which is why I’m up blogging at midnight. I had a large diet coke for lunch today and I’m no longer used to that much caffeine. I’ll probably continue to backslide every once in a while, but it sure does make water a more attractive choice.

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