Vampire Gardener

Lately I haven’t gone outside before 4:30. It’s almost dusk by then. I feel like a vampire gardener; wandering around the yard trimming the shrubbery with moths flying around.

I have to clear a five foot section of the planter to get at a sprinkler that needs to be converted to drip and to remove a bramble that I let grow hoping for berries. BIG mistake. If you don’t know what it is, pull it up or it will try to colonize. And that bramble has wicked thorns.

It’s peaceful out there at dusk. Most of the kids have gone in and even the birds are quiet.

I’ve been trying to clean up the vines on the wall. I kind of hate to do it; they provide hiding places for the lizards. I try to leave the dead leaves some spots. Got to leave them some cover if I want them to stay.

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