Macadamia nuts

A few months before my grandmother died I took a few macadamia nuts from the tree in her backyard and planted them in my front yard. To my great surprise, they grew. At one point someone told me that it would be 11 years before they produced any nuts. Further reading implied that only grafted trees would really produce nuts.

Someone needs to tell that to my tree. It started producing nuts at around 5 years.


And each year it produces a larger quantity.

Macadamia nuts are expensive and I think most people think it’s because they have to be flown in from Hawaii, and I’m sure that contributes to their cost, but another factor is how hard they are to open.


The shells are up to 1/8 of an inch thick. The only way I have to open them is with a vice. When I was a kid I would sometimes open them with a hammer, but that’s really not safe as they will ricochet all over the place. The insides of the shell are actually pretty, dark brown on one half and ivory on the other.

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