Whew! Another close escape.

I was sweeping this afternon when I noticed that a patch of drywall on the wall between the kitchen and the living was lumpy. When I touched it, it was damp. The Spouse moved the refrigerator and there were obvious water stains on the floor near the cabinets.

Oh, crap. Was it a leak coming down from above? A pipe leaking in the wall? Cracked concrete slab floor? A leak is never good. The possible sources seemed to go from expensive to repair to really, really expensive to repair. Just what we need when I’m out of work. Spouse was fretting. I was fretting. Oh, well. Time to call our contractor. He’s done good work for us and for my Mom. Not cheap, but not horribly expensive. And reliable. That part’s really important.

I was taking a shower and my husband came up stairs and said he’d found the source of the leak. The refrigerator. I’ve been wating a new one for a while now. Now is not the best time to have to buy one, but it beats the heck out of having the foundation dug up because the plumbing underneath has sprung a leak.

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