Things change

I have good reasons to be sad. Really. I think I do.

There are big holes in my life recently. My Dad is gone. Mom-in-law is gone. My aunt is gone. My Mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. With Lewy Body Dementia.

I don’t have a huge family. The loss of those people leave some pretty big holes in my life. I keep trying to feel like Mom is still here, but she’s not. A bulwark has become a burden. The person I’ve relied on to keep me going through so many hard times has become one of those hard times. I wish it weren’t so, but that’s what life is. Constant change. I try to accept it, and deal with it. Sometimes I do better dealing with it. Sometimes I don’t.

I have no excuse for the last couple of weeks, but I just feel down. The sun sets earlier each day. I don’t know why that matters, but it does. I’m sad. I miss my Dad. I miss my Mom-in-law. I miss the person my Mom used to be. Sometimes the fabric of my life seems more holes than cloth. Thank goodness for the Wonderful Spouse.

3 thoughts on “Things change

    1. Thanks so much for asking. Life is difficult right now, but not unbearable.

      After reading yor blogs, I think you have had much more to bear than I have.

      I’ve found that reaching out to the people who cross our lives is beneficial more often than not.

      How are you doing in these difficult times?

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