Saleing, saleling

Since it’s not really a word I can misspell it however I want.

Went to a couple of yard sales with Mom this morning. I didn’t feel like it. I’ve either had a the flu or my lupus has reappeared. Neither is a good thing, and the latter scares the heck out of me. Either way, I’ve been pretty tired for the last couple of days and my wrists and ankles have been horribly sore. Mom didn’t sound like she wanted to go any more than I did. She’d said that she wanted to go to an estate sale, but when I got there she said she didn’t want to wait in line to get in. She said she didn’t know where any of the other sales were. I’m pretty sure she didn’t know where the estate sale was. I think if I continue to do this with her I’ll have to map everything out before we go. I still have trouble remembering that she’s not the same person she was even a year ago. I need to plan stuff out and make sure that I have everything ready when it’s time to go. Lesson learned.

I suggested that we go get breakfast. She thought that was a good idea. We went to breakfast and then stopped at yard sales where we saw some signs. I got a couple of good deals at the first one and we stopped at a couple of others that didn’t really have anything and went home. I stopped at a couple more on the way back to my house. Got an old typewriter, in working order no less. And Mom has something to think about on the weekends besides how lonely she is and how crappy she feels.

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