The goldfinches are back. Been here a couple of weeks now. They feed off of the lacebark elms. I have a love-hate relationship with those trees. They drop seeds like snow and they come up everywhere. Once established they are incredibly resilient. If you leave any root in the ground when you try to dig them out. But they’re beautiful, with leaves or without. And they provide food for our passerines on their way from here to there.

The goldfinches tend to leave each tree all in a bunch. I don’t know if something startled them or it’s a mass decision. They all take off at once in an explosion of noise and fluttering wings. I wish I was fast enough to get a movie of it. they come back one by one until the tree is full of song and movement again.

Spud has been following me all over the yard this afternoon. Sweeping around a tortoise presents difficulties. I got him when he was the size of a hen’s egg. He’s now about 12 inches long and 7 or 8 wide.

I’ve seen a pair of hummingbirds. I hope there’s going to be a nest someplace. Not in the atrium this time. In a couple of years maybe; when the ti plant is a little taller.

Looks like I currently have 3 goldfish. I got 3 recently to go with the one lonely one I had. I don’t know what happened to number four. It may be hiding in there somewhere. I don’t try to keep koi any more. Raccoons have eaten them too many times. So now I just by the 25 cent ones.

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