Strange alarm clocks

In our neighborhood, Wednesdays are the day that gardners come for our green belt areas. They start around 8 am, probably because they’re not allowed to start earlier. For probably the only time, I bless our homeowner’s association. But at 8 am they’re out there, busy and noisy.

So since they’re going to wake me up anyhow, let gardening day be gardening day. Out front. Or out back. In the public view zones.

My work on the atrium is progressing. I’ve gone from this:

Atrium 201107

To this:

Atrium 201108

The Spouse also managed to fix the long-neglected lights and I got a new pump so we actually have this for a couple of hours in the evening:

Atrium 201108_aa

It’s on a timer. Comes on at dusk and goes off a couple of hours later.

I’m looking forward to when the grass fills in enough to walk on. I’m also moving the orchids in there, little by little.

I’ve been pruning the lavender out front. They’ve just gotten monstrous. If I can manage to keep to my once a week schedule maybe I can get it under control.

I use my husband brushing his teeth to remind me to brush mine. Using the gardners to remind me to garden doesn’t seem too odd. There are stranger alarm clocks.

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